Web Designing


Here at EduardMedia we strongly believe that the website is a company business card. On the website, you can find the original content that represents your business activity.

A very well made website can be an engine of business growth, also a poor website can and will inflict damage on your brand. Nowadays outstanding web design is not easy at all, because today’s audiences have higher expectations than ever. To convince your visitors that your site is worh their time, you have to make a very good first impression, and that means just a couple of seconds, maybe milliseconds sometimes.

With our vast experience, EduardMedia creates websites that will exceed your audience expectations. The sites that we build perform with a focus on strategic, planning compelling visual design and flawless user experience driving the best results.

We do believe that a responsive web design is a necessity, because it is not just about how your rank on mobile searches. To have a responsive website design is a matter of live or die, presenting a consistent brand image across all devices. If you don’t provide positive experiences for your target audience, the web presence, is not going to help you with nothing. A responsive web design will let your website layout to adapt on all kind of devise and screens from the smallest ones to the largest possible. That adaptive technology is forward-compatible, framing to the newest devise and higher resolutions screens.

It is very important to have a site which is mobile-friendly, and this design consideration usually gets overlooked or glossed-over during website creation or redesign. This is a requirement for us, but others are seeing this as an features in design package, also depends a lot about what the costumer wants. Both ways, a responsive website design will hugely impact on the overall performance, and also on marketing strategies.

Everyone knows that couple of years ago, the mobile friendliness wasn’t a priority. The majority of websites were dull and unwieldy, being almost impossible for mobile users to navigate. But obviously the number of mobile-only browsing activity has hugely increase, and it with the preference for mobile friendly-websites. To build a consistent brand image and getting a cut in the ever-growing mobile user market, is vital to have to a responsive web design, and not only in SEO.

All the mobile users, young or old, are expecting to consistent viewing experiences on all the devices they use, so therefore, sites should adapt to mobile demands and navigation , but still look familiar and intuitive for the user. All the website functions, menus and submenus, should be placed on the same locations within the website., and this design flexibility and seamless user experience are only achievable through responsive web design.

Why us?

When we build a website, we do it to achieve different goals starting from sales, to leads and engagement. Creating the website to meet all this criteria, it is actually critical to design it in the right way.      

Focus on users.

EduardMedia is always putting the the needs of the website’s users first, and if we do not know what their needs are, we will ask them. This core value is the foundation of everything we create, as we costumers found ourselves as an user-centered agency.

Focus on purpose.

A great website should look outstanding and work smoothly. Naturally, a site should look good, but it also needs to be built on a very clear and specific view of its most important  requirements, conversion points, focusing and supporting the users journey toward these goals.

Focus on discoverability.

We will do our best to design the website in such a way that people can find it easily, and this, obviously, starts with the visibility to search engines. Our websites are technically optimized and built so that there are relevant, engaging landing pages for users to land on.

How we do it?

Our website design approach has been refined and tested over the years spanning nearly every industry that you could imagine.

Discovery (you and your users)

This is the first step and a very important one where we start by building our understanding of your business and goals. We will dive deep into data you already have, including the performance that you already have. We find it very important to start the research on your users as soon as possible. Sometimes, this might include research like surveys or running user testing on the website.


At EduardMedia, we envision a site that means business. Our strategy will align content, proposed structure and features with business goals, where we will make a high-level decisions about the path of the website.

Our experienced website strategist will collaborate with UX, designers and content experts to identify the opportunities, challenges and give you recommendations.


In the planning phase we will use all the information gathered, and turn the strategy into a blueprint for the site, identifying the site technical requirements and specifications.

After we create a sitemap showing the structure and hierarchy of the site’s pages, we will build the wireframes showing each page template’s structure. Our passion is to get our concepts in front of users for testing and refining them.


In this phase we will bring the website to life, and here is where our hard work will start to pay off. We will explore a range of possibilities with you, getting a feel for how to represent your brand better. We have to work together with our clients because some of them have very strict brand guidelines that we have to follow, and some of them are looking for guidance on reimagining the brand. At EduardMedia, we are comfortable with both ways, as long as you are happy. And since fully responsive design is non-negotiable, we will design the website separately for all the devces: desktop, mobile and tablet, focusing on optimizing all the elements and interactions for each one.


It is very easy to write, but not everyone writes for the web. Our copywriters know how to write concisely to make the story unfold and the pages flow. They will act as a first-time site visitor and will make the pages attractive for humans and search engines alike, diving deep into the product features, services offerings and more to find a message that resonate with your brand.


At EduardMedia,  we belive that SEO is a the engine for an effective website, not an accessory. Building the website and doing SEO “later” can result in a missed opportunities, we want to avoid this risk. For this reason we design the website with SEO front of mind.        Our specialist will stay involved throughout the process to ensure that we create the right pages in right places at the right time. We will carefully review the sitemaps, wireframes, copy and all the design elements ensuring they are discoverable, relevant and following the best SEO practices.

Development (Lunch)

EduardMedia is full services website agency, so we have expert website development resources already, but we will be equally comfortable working with third party dev teams. We are always trying to make the life of our development team easy, providing them spec docs and marked-up visual designs, building a website that will look just as envisioned(or even better) and performing as advertised.