Social Media Marketing & Management

Social Media Marketing & Management

Which one is the best way to communicate with your target audience? Yes, you are right, Social Media Platforms is the answer. Here at EduardMedia we are helping numerous businesses to establish an effective social media management strategy. To be successful in Social Media you have to get a high audience engagement.

One of the bests way to achieve high engagement, is to be in constant interaction with your followers across all the platforms. A very important part of our social media strategy is to post regularly engaging content. All published content should be creative and motivate your followers to visit your website, let them to know you and learn more about your brand message. Once your followers understand your brand story and empathize with you, there is a great potential for them to become your costumer.

One of our goals for your business, is to generate better brand awareness, engagement and revenue through highly targeted social media posts, paid media ads and retargeting campaigns. We always dig deep into your social metrics to develop accurate KPIs that matter more for your brand and uncover these patterns. Always delivering more than stunts, giveaways or promotions in your campaigns, to tell the story of your brand on the followers language and let the followers to understand you, creating unparalleled experiences that will drive traffic and lead to more quality, active communities.

Identifying your goals and uncovering meaningful insights by our researchers, strategists and creatives, will define a platform-specific marketing strategies that will fit your business perfectly. Focusing on increasing the social interaction and search visibility we are adopting a very wide view of the digital landscape. This will help your business, through this integrated marketing communication, to forge powerful connections between your brand and the costumers. How are we doing this? With smart, sharp copy that cuts through the News Feed noise, and gets to the top.

Facebook Content and Management

With more than 1.5 billions of daily active users, Facebook is the most used online platform for socialising in the whole world, being accessed by people of all ages and all nationalities. Therefore, Facebook is a powerful tool to reach new costumers for your business, and engaged with your existing ones.

One of the most important metrics in Google’s SEO Ranking Algorithm is all the social media signs that you show them. These sings are represented by likes, comments, shares and links.




Instagram Content and Management

Instagram is social media platform that strikes the world unexpectedly. There is a proverb that says “ A picture is worth a thousand words!” and if we are looking at Instagram, that is totally true. Focused on simple and minimalist messages, Instagram talks through pictures. Having access to a large collection of graphics filters and easy way to edit your photos, with this app, is very easy to be a photographer. A well created Instagram account can raise the awareness of your brand in the digital space, being fancy and good looking.



Blogging and content writing

Content marketing can be defined in many ways, but the easiest one to understand is this: This represents the process of creation and distribution of engaging content that is worth it for costumer’s information.Blogging is one of the best platforms where you can promote your business. Few quality posts can help you to develop an unbelievable image of your business in your costumers eyes.

Through content marketing services, EduardMedia can develop a blog that will help you to come with relevant content that will engage new people and turning them into your new costumers. In the meantime it can make the costumers that you already engaged earlier, to come back to your business.

A content marketing campaign can be promoted through various channels, like: social media, prints, mobile, e-mail, etc. Also, it has to include as much informations as possible, that is relevant to your costumers and helping them out.

One of the biggest advantages of this types of marketing campaigns is that it gives notoriety to your business in your selected niche. Thanks to the trust that your company will gain, the sells are usually flowing smoothly.

Our agency, can help you create multiples campaigns of content marketing leading your brand as a top expert in your selected niche.

Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is a subset of viral marketing and word of mouth marketing.  But to understand it to the fullest, it is essential to understand the meaning of the word “buzz”. A “buzz” is a trigger that results in the word of mouth marketing. It can be an idea, a phrase, a tagline, the logo, a mascot, an advertisement, or any other trigger which makes people talk about the brand or its product.

In case of releasing a new product or service, Buzz Marketing refers to marketing strategies that create a “buzz” around your brand, capturing the attention of the costumers and leading them to ask questions and changing opinions about it.
The best time of using Buzz Marketing is when your brand is new on the market. The message has to be persuasive, strong and different from your competitors. The only way you can succeed in creating a buzz is to focus all of your marketing communication strategies on your target market’s needs, wants, interests, hobbies.

Even though your brand or the product are in the spotlight, people have a more significant role in creating a buzz around it, and here at EduardMedia we are focusing more on the people, which I can say makes a big difference in ROI.