Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why would you choose EduardMedia? We will explain it now. To get the best results out of your website, nowadays it harder than ever to plan, execute and refine a good SEO strategy. People are used with the days when blogging and some occasional ad campaigns could bring your website on the first page of the Googles search, but things are not the same now.

As we can see, over the years, SEO has evolved into a very complex strategy which is made from many moving parts that have to work together as a unified brand experience. We have did lots of research, and we have found that successful brands have always optimized theirs websites for new features, like voice search, featured snippets and any other new technologies that is available.  We will ensure that everything is set up properly on technical to give a smooth and intuitive user experience.

As we said before, nowadays SEO is complex and we have to take care of all the small aspects and details that will make a difference between you and your competition. Factors like authority and credibility are becoming increasingly critical to search performance, that means you will need to include reputation management in your SEO strategy.

Here at EduardMedia, we will work closely to our clients, listens to their business goals, gets to know their identity, market and competitive landscape and using those insights to create a custom made strategy that will get you where you need to go. Actually we will get beyond of that, but we will let you to see this in the results.

How to choose the right SEO partner?

Even if you are a big or small, businesses that are seen in the top results will reap enormous benefits. But as all the experts says, SEO is strictly technical, even if it looks like an exact since and it is going take some time to show results (anyone who is telling you otherwise is lying).

As these were said, you will have to put a lot of trust in an SEO partner. Here is what you should be looking for from your agency:

People. Everyone knows that a good SEO agency will do all the technical stuff with their eyes closed, but ultimately, they should focus on people, because they will be your costumers and do business with you, not some bots. Therefore, your search marketing team should care more about the costumer experience.

Time. An agency that hasn’t changed their approach in 3 years, soon they are going to die. A good SEO agency is always evolving  as the search engines changes fast nowadays, so they have to keep up with technology. Always will be new challenges that will show up, from algorithm changes to the impact of the voice.

Communication. It is very important that your SEO partner will clearly and transparently explain their recommendations, because SEO decisions usually involve weighing pros and cons.



What includes our SEO Strategy?

A successful strategy starts with a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges, needs and target audience. This is what our SEO experts believe. Also in our company we advise you to focus on your clients, so we are doing the same with our clients. We are keeping a low costumer-employee ratio, focusing on very few projects and dedicating more time to each account, allowing us to build out the SEO strategy that will aligns with your brand values. We strongly believe that a clear and closely communication with our company could help to skyrocket it on Google searches.

If you become one of our clients, we will pair you with a dedicated specialist who continuously monitors the industry trends, competitive landscapes and keyword performance of your website and your niche, so we can quickly identify and act on opportunities as they emerge.

After we establish the best strategic direction for our partners, ensuring SEO is aligned with their business goals we will start the process, and if SEO will evolve more, we will adapt on it over time, so you will not be alone.

Technical Optimization

 If we are partnering with you for the long term period and we are building your website, we will make sure that technical SEO is going to be well done in the process. We will review your wireframes and mockups, add new pages, making technical tweaks optimization and all the SEO improvements that you willneed.

SEO Audit

 When we will start to work together, here at EduardMedia, we start by assessing the site’s current profile. We look at all the metrics as organic traffic and keyword rankings setting a baseline to measure and performance.We will identify opportunities and set out a blueprint for future work with our comprehensive audits, site and page structure, content and backlink profile.

Keyword research

A great keyword research will give us invaluable data about the specific terms users are going to search and the volume of those ones. This help us understand the users’ underlying search interests, leading your company to its needs.

SEO Strategy

Here at EdudardMedia, our true value comes from being an organic marketing partner, not just uncover fixes that can give you a bump in the rankings. That’s why our SEO strategy will set the stage , covering the tactics and deploy the benchmarks that will help you to measure your success.

Organic Marketing

We strongly believe that there is no longer a bright line between search and organic marketing. If you can find it through search, we are looking at it through the lens of search on everything that matters for your business: from social media accounts and costumer reviews to sites where you’re talking about. Taking a holistic approach to your research, we will find new opportunities to boost your brand awareness wherever you may be found, by spanning content, influencer and digital PR.           

Measurement and Reporting          

All of our achievements will be reported regularly to our partners. As we said before, we are a very transparent team, and do not hide the facts that SEO takes time to work, but we are holding ourselves to metrics that show brand lift or make measurable impact on your business results. We are not chasing vanity metrics or industrial quantities of backlinks.