As everyone can see, the explosion of digital technologies over the past years has led to an very empowered consumer. Nowadays is very easy for people to discover new brands and formulate opinions across al the channels. That is the main reason why here, at EduardMedia, we consider that every touchpoint must be very well established and integrated in the marketing strategy.

Our experience in all facets of web development will help our clients reach their full potential. We will help you to put your business online, let the costumer engage with you, earn more sales and discover all the leads that you deserve.

Starting from coding and mark-up to web design and content, we proudly can say that our team of experienced professionals will work together to take a comprehensive approach of your business. One of our goals, is to genuinely deliver the best possible experience for the users, not only develop a website that rink higher in search engines.

Whether you are looking to revamp your existing website, or to create a new one from zero, here at EduardMedia, we like to dig deeper to unfold what need to happen to satisfy your users and reach you unique business goals, and we are doing this even before to think about how your website will look like. It is very important to have a very solid base, and afterwards customizing your site appearance for your needs. Therefore, we are creating customized experiences for your brand, not just customized themes, because we believe that a good strategy will drive our creative website design process. That is the main reason we are here for you, and that’s why you want to work with us!

As we like to say, “We can build it, if you can dream it”. That’s why our development team is here, to work within you requirements and select a platform that would be best suited to your needs. We are going to custom your website from the frond to the back-end, that being the power behind a successful experience, and it is easy to do it with one of th best strategists and creatives.

Implementing a modern design, ensuring an easy and intuitive user experience and creating quality content that converts, we will assist you in producing the website for both SEO and PPC, and that’s what we know will make the difference between quality and average, and we know that you don’t want to be average when it comes about your business.

We can deliver you a very wide range of services that will include: e-commerce sites, full-fat websites, platforms, portals, bespoke software solutions, extranets, intranets, an information hub native and hybrid apps, Facebook applications or just a simple site that will display your services and products, as an online portfolio.

Here is how we will apply our strategy:

First of all, we have to get into discovering. At EduardMedia, we want to work closely to our clients to create a tight brief for the design of your new website, or refreshing the existing one. Doing the research into the audience, competitors and, all the website functions we can gain a precise insight to what is needed to make your website excels in its niche. With all the knowledge we gather, we are ensuring that your website is well structured to driver conversions and produce the excellent results that you deserve, producing a bespoke wireframe for your platform.

We found it very important to work closely with our clients, to ensure that your brand is going to communicate through the website design whilst making sure the formatting, layout and colors of the website will work optimal for SEO and PPC.

Once the costumer will agree with the design, our team will start to translate it into a fully-functional website with a reliable, powerful and most important, secure content management system.

Based on understanding the target market and the research that you are doing, we will start to populate your website with original content created special for engaging users and achieve long-term results. After this phase, in the testing phase, we will review the website on all kind of devices and browser ensuring that out there will not be any errors or malfunctions that could impact the user experience. We can say proudly that the our websites are working efficiently.

After everything is set up and working promptly, we will develop a clear and powerful strategy, because all the successful websites depends on an effective planning.

Every business should think to extend its relationship with the actual costumers or the new ones, through a mobile app. The reason for this aspect is obvious: nowadays most of the online traffic is drive through the mobile devices. Developing a mobile app will create a way that will let your costumers to interact with you and your business.

Website maintenance is not something that you would like to forget. We will check

frequently its functionality, managing the database, monitoring results on the major search engines and optimize the speed of your website. As often as we will update your website, its place on Google search will be better, as well the numbers of costumers engaged will raise which will lead to more sales.

If you already have an old website, here at EduardMedia we can help you with a fresh design. Even the best websites, after a couple of years, will need at least a minim level of upgrade, to be in trend with people requirements. This upgrade could be improving the speed of the website, develop new features, or sometimes just updating the texts.

EduardMedia can help you also with web consulting. We will help you to optimize your website for a better ranking, minimize the costs, show you how to take advantage of the opportunities of developing the online field. To do the web consulting properly and in a good manner, we require few simple steps: analyzing the product, the market, your competitors and the social media impressions, and decide together what we can improve to reach your goals in business.